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What girls say...

What guys say...

What girls say...

"TeleCafe Love Love Love it! It’s where I met my
friend with benefits, (wink) you know what I
mean. Lisa, NSW

What guys say...

"I’m a single guy and love calling the chat line when
I’m in the MOOD for some female company; the girls
on the Telecafé are Hotttttttt." Sam, 28, QLD

Actors portraying testimonials on file.

Why do people rate the Telecafe as the best of the…

Chat sites to meet new people

Well, a quick look at a few of the short videos above will answer that question easily enough. People who chat on the Telecafe seem to love the Telecafe.

It’s someplace where you can really connect with interesting and exciting strangers in a completely safe and discreet environment. It’s the ultimate role-playing or fantasy game. And since girls chat free, the Telecafe is the place all the hottest ones come to.

Imagine hooking up with a hot young thing who wants to live out her bad-girl fantasy on the phone with you. Or what about getting on the line with a girl who sounds just like that cute young receptionist at your accountant’s office (it just might be her)—but you then find out that it’s really not your “financial” assets she’s interested in.

If you’ve ever been even a little curious about what these online talking sites are like, or how much fun you can have on one, doesn’t it make sense to try the best?

Pick up the phone and call 1300 977 400 (call costs from 70 cents Incl. GST per minute - more on public and mobile phones)) or go here to check out our amazing money-saving credit card memberships. You’ll be glad you did.

The Telecafe really is the best when it comes to chat sites to meet new people.

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