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Guys Call 1300 977 400

Call costs from 70 cents Incl. GST per minute (more on public and mobile phones)

Terms & Conditions

We invite you to use our services by following the steps described below


  1. Eligibility: In order to use the service, you must be at least 18 years old. By calling the TeleCafe service you represent that:
  2. Your Introduction, Messages and Conversations on TeleCafe: You agree that you are solely responsible for the audio material (Content) which you record and transmit to other persons using the TeleCafe Services.

You agree your introduction which plays in the public domain and is heard by other callers will be recorded for security and fraudulent purposes

Your Introduction must relate to you only and no other person and must not contain information which will allow others to identify you such as your full name, address, phone number, email address, ICQ number etc.

You agree that Content sent to other persons using the TeleCafe Services will not:

  1. Removal of Content: TeleCafe may remove from its system or hide from public access any Content posted which, in the absolute discretion of TeleCafe, is in breach of these Service Terms or may offend or breach the rights of other members or other persons or otherwise may hinder the efficient operation or use of the TeleCafe Services.
  2. Member Communications: You acknowledge that:

If another person who you have contacted using TeleCafe requests that you cease communication with them you must respect their wishes and cease communication with them.

TeleCafe wishes to disclose that in order to make the service more interesting for its users, TeleCafe may from time to time engage paid female operators to be online.

  1. Disputes Between Members: TeleCafe accepts no responsibility for mediating or resolving disputes between members.
  2. No Warranties: TeleCafe provides the Services without any warranty that they will be error or interruption free or that they are fit for their intended purpose. To the extent permitted by law all warranties implied by law are excluded. Members use the TeleCafe Services at their own risk.
  3. Disclaimer: TeleCafe is not responsible for the Content which users transmit to other callers via this Service. You acknowledge and agree that we cannot control the use by others of this Service, Content posted on this site or the private communications of members using the TeleCafe Service nor can we verify the accuracy of Content which has been transmitted to you as a result of use of the TeleCafe Services by others.

TeleCafe monitors Introductions posted on the site. While TeleCafe reserves the right to monitor Messages and Conversations, it has no obligation to do so nor does it have any obligation to ensure that members comply with these Service Terms or to review any communication between members utilising the TeleCafe Services.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, TeleCafe will not be responsible or liable for:

  1. Privacy Terms: Please see our Privacy Policy for the manner in which we gather, use and update personal information concerning our users.
  2. Communication with you: We may at times need to communicate with you regarding TeleCafe Services or your use of them. In such case we may communicate with you through any phone numbers we have collected in the course of your use of our Services.
  3. Communication with us: If you have any comments regarding TeleCafe Services we can be contacted at customer.service@telecafe.com.au
  4. Governing Law: These Service Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia