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Have you ever loved someone with everything in you and over time you wake up one day
and look at them and think to yourself I’m not in love with you anymore? You’re not good for
me, you’re toxic.

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I felt that way with my husband.
After being together for 13 years I realised it was probably the biggest mistake I had made.
My life stopped being about me & us.
It became about him. Only him.
I did not matter.
I was not a priority.
It happened gradually but accelerated over the last 4 years and like most people do, I
thought I could fix it.
I could not.
I knew I had to save myself and move on.
It was an incredibly hard thing to do.
Life is too short to live with regrets.
I wanted to wake up free.
Free to make my own choices and decisions.
Free to be the master of my own destiny.
Free to find fulfillment and pleasure with a man that could appreciate spending time with me.
Since then, I have met a few nice, fun guys on Telecafe I have spent time with, and I have
not looked back.
My relationship made me the person I am today.
I do not regret that it made me stronger.
We only get one life to live.
Live life on your own terms, not someone else’s.
This is real life, not a dress rehearsal.