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Guys Call 1300 977 400

Call costs from 70 cents Incl. GST per minute (more on public and mobile phones)

HOT Chat in 3 Easy steps...

1. Call our friendly chat club...

Pick up the phone and call 1300 977 400 (Call costs from 70 cents Incl. GST per minute - more on public and mobile phones) or save a bundle on these money-saving credit card deals. Whichever way you go, it's fast and easy to jump into the Cafe for some steamy conversation. Just follow the phone prompts, or for step-by-step directions, watch these short videos.

2. Record your greeting...

Once you get past the short introduction, you record your greeting to introduce yourself to the people online. You can follow the easy phone prompts or you can watch the video for more details and a quick example of an introduction that creates lots of interest.

3. Enjoy your hot private chat...

Once you've recorded your introduction, you're ready to chat. You can use the keys on your phone to scroll through and listen to the introductions of all the girls currently online. When you hear one that sounds interesting, you can request a private chat at the push of a button.

Welcome to the Telecafe featuring the best of…

Phone Chat Australia

Nothing beats a hot steamy chat session with one of Australia’s hottest, most genuine girls. Since girls don’t have to pay to chat on the Telecafe, they all come here for their flirty, steamy, or outrageously sexy private chats.

They know that chatting in the Café is completely safe and private and this allows them to really let their hair down and explore some of their wildest fantasies in a completely uninhibited way.

All this adds up to you enjoying some, uh, shall we say…explosive conversations!

Once you experience one of these kinds of chats, you’ll never again want to use one of those impersonal internet systems where you’re not even sure whether the other person is talking to you or doing something else. On the Telecafe, real people are fully engaged in hot one-on-one conversation.

Chatline Tips: For the fastest way to your exciting chat (and to make sure you present yourself in the best way to the girls) watch the step-by-step videos above. Recording a short, interesting introduction will result in a lot more of the girls you invite accepting your invitation. Remember to be polite and sound like someone they’d enjoy chatting with.

Once you get into a private chat with one of the girls, feel free to steer the conversation in the direction you’d like, but try to be sensitive to her feelings as well. That way you’ll both have an amazing experience.

Remember, when you think of phone chat Australia, think of the Telecafe!

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