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Firstly, you need to start off with a right introduction. Your introduction should contain the following information.

Select and call the number from the state you are calling from:
Set up your voicemailbox
Your name
The state you’re calling from
What your hobbies are
And what type of partner you’re looking for
It’s important to update your introduction regularly and keep it fresh, especially if you’ve had a change in your life like location or relationship status. You are free to change your introductions as many times as you like

Telecafe Phone Chat gets even easier from here:

Have a pen and paper handy to write down your Voicemail box number and Pin number, so you can access your voicemail box to check in on your voicemail messages from all the hot guys on Telecafe Phone Chat who have left you a message and want to connect with you.
Don’t forget keep you voicemailbox number and Pin safe so you can always come back and check on your messages, the Telecafe is always open 24/7 everyday of the week and year.
Don’t forget if someone leaves you a voicemail message in your voicemail box, send them a response and let them know if you’re interested.

Finally, Telecafe Phone Chat is a Great way to chat and Hook up and Talk to real Aussie Guys wanting to speak to Local Ladies today.

Don’t forget Safety comes first so it’s best not to give people any personal details like your surname, exact location, or phone number or even your voicemail box number unless you’re sure you want to.
Remember Telecafe Phone Chat is a lot of fun and allows you’re to connect and talk to guys in your local area, city, state, and even across Australia.
Call Telecafe Phone Chat today and start flirting and have some fun…
If you have any issues whilst on the service don’t forget you can always call Customer Service Mondays to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST on 1300 399 333

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For Ladies

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